Thursday, January 26, 2012


Considering my poor memory and my unwillingness to look back at my past posts I can't recall as to whether or not you are aware of my (much too quickly) upcoming nuptials.  I'm to be married August 18th to the man who has fulfilled every wish I ever had for a husband. At the risk of gushing, he truly is the man of my dreams.
We've planned a Victorian style wedding which makes the traditional white dress from the bridal shop a not going to happen.  Instead I have grand plans of making my own gown, and the pattens of which I will be using arrived today.  Now I just need to start panicking about fabric.  I can't find the perfect shade of iridescent peacock blue/green, but when I found an "it will do" shade, it ended up being $40 dollars a yard.  (Falls into faint, somebody bring the smelling salts!)  Oh, did I mention that I need 12 yards of one color and 5 of another? So the search continues...until I panic and decide I may as well pay the $40.

Anyway, I wanted to share these wonderful patterns that I got from Truly Victorian.   Their patterns are historically correct while being modified to come together rather easily.  The patterns are provided on thick butcher paper with a multitude of sizes available and are fairly reasonably priced as far as non-mass market patterns go.  Pardon my blurry photos while I show you what I've got to look forward to.
We begin from the foundation up.  This is the petticoat that has channels that will hold these.
These are my bum wires that will provide the support for my bodacious bustle.

My bodice.  I'll be altering this to just have  a hint of ruffle and flower at the straps rather than sleeves.  I want my neckline rather simple because one of my "borrowed" items is going to be vintage pearls from Lewis' side of the family. 
A four gored skirt pattern, I'm making mine like the small inset version in the upper right corner, I'll be adding so much other stuff, I'm keeping it's lines fairly simple.
Sorry this picture turned out the worst.  This is the butterfly bustle that I'm going to wear for the ceremony.  It's completely detachable so it will get taken off and replaced with an over skirt (of which I forgot to take pictures of) for the celebrating afterwards to make it more convenient. 
I wish I could find the fabric for it so I can get to work, but at least I can start the petticoats.  More wedding preparations to follow. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Done and Gifted - First Finish for 2012

It's been done for a while, but it finally went to it's new owner.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the full quilt due to space restrictions but trust me that it turned out quite cute on the whole.
 The little boy I made this for just turned 3 months embarrassing, but oh well, better late than never right?
 After it was all put together I questioned my choice of all that cream on the front.  Just from me carting it around to work on it, it had developed dirty spots.  Too late though, I'd already promised it.  I ended up feeling the need to wash it though before gifting and was so glad I did, it crinkled up nicely, hiding any quilting mishaps that may...or may not have occurred.  After I took it out of the dryer I didn't want to give it away I liked it so much. 

 The back, I love this fabric, I was lucky enough to pick this up off the %75off rack at work.  Too cute, and just perfect for a little boy.
So there is my first finished quilt for 2012.  Hope you like.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just About...

I hate to say how long this quilt has been in the works, so I won't, but I started it for an expectant friend and the ittle bittle boy child has since made his appearance.  So, high time I get this finished right?  Right!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finished bracelet

I mentioned a while back that I was working on a bracelet.  I finished it a while back but never posted the finished product.  Here it is in all it's glory. 
I can't recall the exact name of the pattern and I'm too lazy to go find it but it had something to do with shutters and used Tila beads.  I really like how it turned out.
 It uses a standard shank button for the closure.
My new project is a necklace in matching colors.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flaps on Mittens = Flittens

My daughter has been complaining of how cold her hands get as she walks home from the school bus stop.  I discovered that it was her way of hinting that I needed to get my knitting needles out.

She had a specific idea on what she wanted to keep her hands warm, either a pair of knitted gloves or mittens with flaps so she could have her fingers free if needs be.  Not feeling up to the task of knitting ten fingers I vetoed the gloves but rather liked the latter idea which we have dubbed as flittens.
The two of us snuggled up on the bed one night and did a search on Ravelry and found a pattern that suited both of us.  Me for simplicity and her for looks.
I used Red Heart Soft yarn in Teal on three size 4 needles to make these.  It's worked up really easily and I only split the ply in a couple of places.  They're about done, I just need to finish the flaps. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Re-usable Shopping Bag

I'm so behind with everything.  I've managed to injure my arm at work.  Honestly I think I have tennis elbow from pulling and pushing bolts of fabric around all day.  I've no time nor $$ for the Dr. right now so I'm wrapping it and icing it.  I have to moderate my projects so I don't put any further strain on  my arm so projects aren't going nearly as quickly as I would like.
I came across a heavyweight woven cotton at work that isn't quite right for quilts.  I know it will be overlooked, so I thought a quick project to turn it into something useful would be rather fun.
 So I came up with this. A re-useable shopping bag from a half yard of fabric.  Simple to make with two side seams, two strap seams and the edge finishing.
 What makes it look a bit fancier is the fact that I used some wooly poly and a rolled hem on the serger to create the edge "folds" 
A bit of pressing and ta-da, it looks every bit as good, if not better as one you buy from the store.  I still need to work out something stiff to put in the bottom though, I have an abundance of cardboard but don't like how it breaks so easily.  Any ideas?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Current Project

Ok, because Brandie in her genius is inspiring and to prove that I am not without a current sewing project I introduce you to Sunbonnet Sue.
Once again I am getting pictures with horrid lights.  That's one of my issues with this time of year (I have a few issues with it), by the time I get home and get sewing done it's dark. The colors aren't nearly this dark in real life.
 Here's my planned layout at the moment.  I will admit that I borrowed this whole idea from a lady at work who made a darling version.  Can I just offer up a halleluja and praise be for the Go! Cutter?  If I had to cut out each girl with scissors...I wouldn't. 
 I've used about 50/50 scraps and new fabrics.  They all have fusible, some with Heat n' Bond and some with Steam a Seam 2.  Personal experience tells me that the latter is far superior for this application and although it's significantly more expensive it is well worth it.
The plan is to embellish the bonnets with a mixture of ric-rac and decorative stitches then to do a machine blanket stitch around all the edges.   More to come on these little ladies.