Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weather here has turned to fall. Temperatures have dropped and last night the clouds rolled in with flashes of lightning and claps of thunder. It's still really cloudy, not very warm and pretty breezy. All too soon it will be time to retreat inside for the winter. Good thing I get kitties in my lap for warmth.

Love me some kitty whiskers

I am feeling motivated to cook now that my kitchen won't spontaneously ignite from the heat, I made a couple of quiches yesterday with our fresh eggs and today I'm making fresh tomato soup. You can read more on them here once I update.

We here are enjoying the remainder of any nice weather while we can, I leave the back door open and the animals all wander out as they please.

Baby and Duncan enjoying some rays

The little top on the down low

This weekend there is a folk fest going on in our back yard sponsored by the church on the corner. They set up tents and booths and for three days it's food, music and fun. Thankfully they have a curfew and don't keep us up all hours. I rather like the big central tent they set up, it's rather like a colorful circus tent.

As far as my ickyness mentioned in my last post, it became a hideous cold and another massive tooth infection in two new teeth. However, I'm human again, thank the stars. Another round of antibiotics has taken care of the newest tooth infection and allowed my immune system to focus on clearing up the cold. I much prefer being healthy since I am one of the most pathetic people you will encounter when I'm sick. Tomorrow I go in for a root canal on one of the troublesome teeth, then I just have to figure out how to fund two more...*sigh* never a dull moment.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Goings on for September 3, 2010

Would you like a cup of tea? It's my favorite, Lemon Zinger. At the moment it's my ''comfort food" since I'm feeling less than stellar. Something nasty has decided to settle in my chest and while I'm not find of illness at any time, I'm less so when the sun is shinning.

I'm keeping myself busy though, I've a few things that I've been working on. As I said I picked up my knitting again. I'm keeping it simple with the blocks for the swaps that I participate in. The blue and white check is a summer block (checkered tablecloth) and the other is an animal print.

I've also been working on my spinning a bit. Here is a lovely Blue Faced Leichester wool I got from Ms. Babs. I love the colorway, it's called Daylilly and it describes the color to a 'T'. I'm using my first lace weight bobbin that I picked up at Three Wishes, I'm pretty excited about finally being able to spin super fine, it's taking some practice though.

And finally, my stitch markers that I've been working on. I send them out with the blocks I knit for my swaps. One set went to England, another to Australia. The photo was taken on my new favorite knitting book Vogue Knitting Stitchonairy 3 which covers color work. It's where I got the patterns for the two blocks above.

While I was out running errands I picked up a book that had been on hold at the Library. Storm Front by Jim Bucher. It's the first in the Dresden Files series. I fell in love with the TV series which only lasted one season, lets see if the book has more to offer.

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