Sunday, April 3, 2011

Knitting Accesories

I've a bit of exciting news to share though.  After more time unemployed than I want to think about I have finally re-entered the job market.  And would you believe, it's at a local quilt shop!!!  I'm surrounded by fabric and wonderfully artistic people three days a week!  On top of a discount on fabric and machines, (Viking, Baby Lock, Husqvarna, and Tin Lizzy long arms!) they encourage you to work on projects on your down time!  On day two I was put in charge of sewing aprons for all the ladies on the floor, fabric provided and I got to keep the scraps.  More on that to follow. 


I haven't gotten a lot accomplished as of late.  Hopefully that doesn't become the story of my blog life.  During the week the sun was shining and weather was beautiful, my daffodils were finally blooming and I was inside at work but today...Well.  Not so much.
Um...Hello, Spring, we're over here...  It's been snowing off and on ALL day.  Enough already!


So I found this pattern for some knitting accessories and thought I'd give it a whirl.  I really liked how they turned out for the most part.   I made the scissor case, the small pouch and the yarn holder.  I need to figure out a better way to do the zippers on the pouches, they're a bit too bulky at the ends.  And instead of using an iron on batting for the yarn holder I just used a nice heavy interfacing.  I really like the look of it but I'm already thinking up a way to make it even better.  
I didn't have any hook and loop tape handy so I used a couple of larger snaps instead and covered the stitches with some basic wooden buttons.   These will be making their way to another state this week, I hope the person on the receiving end likes them.

I've a busy week planned but hopefully I can get another post in.  I've a sewing project in the works that I want to share.  Until next time, take care!