Friday, September 30, 2011

Chicken Dinner?

There have been some failed endeavors have ended in me needing to do a pretty massive cleaning job of the oven.  So yesterday I decided to buckle down and get it done.
I had left the kitchen to get something and when I came back this is what I saw. 
Hrmmmm, do you think she's trying to tell me something?

*Please note, this was before the cleaning took place.
*Also note, I don't make it a habit of having my chickens in the house, but the back door was open to let in some fresh air and she apparently saw that as an invitation. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Much Needed Break

Between being ill myself, that illness running it's course through the rest of the family then class finals, and working on a 10 page paper I have just been too pooped to pucker.  You know, when you're so worn down that the only things you're capable of are the most basic?  That's been me.  That finally ended last weekend and I've been trying to get my head above water since. 

My wonderful sweetie decided that I needed a break so he took me to the family cabin for a couple of days. We spent most of the day in bed watching Star Trek The Next Generation and eating junk food.  I probably gained 5 pounds, but it was perfect, just what I needed!  Would you like to see?

Here is the cabin, nestled amid the trees that are just beginning to change colors.  I'd say it's not more than twenty feet from the river. 
This is the view from the master bedroom balcony isn't it beautiful?
There is a lovely little pond that's been stocked with trout, can you see them?
How about now? 
I love this little Buddha, he marked a way across the streamlet to a spot perfect for a quiet moment.
It's nice to just sit and swing while the river carries your thoughts away. 

We went for a walk and found some pretty things, the top flowers couldn't have been any bigger than a dime.  The little fellow on the bottom was trying to cross the road, so we helped him along. 

Look at all those colors,  Autumn isn't far away.
 Here I am, walking along a lovely wooded way.  I came home relaxed and refreshed, ready to get back in the swing of things. 

And here is the heart of my heart, he's so handsome.  Isn't he wonderful for taking me on such a lovely get away?