Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bits & Pieces

I've been feeling a wee bit crafty, wanna see? 

I thought that we needed a touch of lovey colors about so I set myself to making some hearts to hang from the light fixture in our entry way.   I used this tutorial from Carol at A Path of Paper.  Hers are much nicer than mine, but they were fun to make. Then I added some cut out hearts to the mix
It's a craptastic picture but you get the idea. 


Last night I decided to make another block from the Block-a-palooza Quilt Along.  I'm just doing the ones that apeal to me rather than all of them.  Call me picky but I like having a certain amount of continuity I may design a couple of my own blocks to replace those that I don't follow along on or just make duplicates of my favorites. 
This one is called Shoofly Geese by Sasikirana Handmade. 
Again, all fabric from my stash.  I'm going to keep the white of the geese as a constant.


I decided to try my hand at collars for the animals, I used my embroidery function on my machine for the first time.  They turned out quite well but I forgot to take pictures of the cat collars.  I should because it's rather funny, I made the collars black with the letters in colored thread but I've no black elastic so they all looks quite priestly with their black collar with white front.  Especially Midnight since he's all black. 
Here is Baby with her collar so you can get an idea how they looked.I've blacked out my phone number since you don't need it. :)  Her name and my phone # repeat around the full diameter of the collar. The gems are just glued on so she'll probably scratch them off at some point but I think it turned out quite cute. 
Isn't my my BooberBear cute!!


Earlier I brought out my big cutting mat so I could trim selvages.  I left for a moment and when I came back I found this...
Whatcha gonna do? *sigh*  I think I have a few other things I can work on for a while... 

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