Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Project

My boss asked me to make up a jacket from one of the patterns we have at work.  Looking at most of them they seemed more suited for my former mother-in-law than someone of my tender *cough* years but I finally settled on this pattern.  The As You Wish Jacket.  I'm making the orange one with 3/4 sleeves.
Here's the main fabric I chose to make it with.  I love the depth of the color and the slight glint of metalic from the copper.  The pattern uses high quality cotton for both the main and lining fabric. 
I had a lining picked out but the more I look at it the less I like it so I'm holding off on finishing it.  The pattern has been super easy to put together though, it's a very simple cut and sew.  I love instant gratification projects!

You have three options for the jacket hem,, the two shown on the pattern as well as a straight edge.  I preferred the curved, my hips don't need a harsh line anywhere near them.  Then you can do either full length sleeves or 3/4. My plan is to purchase or make some pretty frog closures for the front. 
I'm looking forward to finding the right lining fabric so I can finish it. 

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