Sunday, November 28, 2010

As the Seasons Change so Does My Blog

Tonight I treated myself to my first "just because" bath in a long while. While I was fighting a nasty head and chest cold they became more of a necessity for breathing than a relaxing interlude. For those I would put Vicks rub under my nose and add a heady dose of oil of Eucalyptus, pine needle, lavender and rosemary to my bath water and do my best to inhale deeply.

Tonight I brewed a pot of perfect British tea (decaf since it is after midnight, and yes it was perfect, I'll never go back to a bag in a mug again.) Drew my bath, added some drops of oil of lemon and rosemary and let myself sink into bliss for about half an hour. Now I'm deliciously warm to my cockles and oh so relaxed.

I've been thinking about this blog as of late, it's slipped to the wayside while my nail blog and food blog have seen fairly regular use. It's settling into cold weather though and that has always been my time to hole up and entertain myself with my crafts. I have several knitting UFO's (unfinished objects) and at least as many sewing projects needing to be finished. There's also my paper crafts and beading, spinning and dying and other fiber crafts... Yes, I am rather chronic but I know myself too well to limit myself to just one or two. Variety is the spice of life right?

In the coming months I think this may turn into a log of my different crafts and musings of things in general...more of a journal than anything I suppose and perhaps if I'm feeling particularly creative I'll create tutorials to remind me how to do things.

I want this blog to be about me, for me. There will be no apologies for not posting and no excuses. I don't want this to turn into a "how many followers can I get?" or "give away every other day". I would love to have followers but I want them to be here because of a shared :) I'm only halfway teasing, that's pretty much what blogging is isn't it? Sharing yourself with others? Now I don't think my life is terribly fascinating and I'm not nearly as creative as some of the other women who's blogs I follow but I should be able to entertain on occasion.

So if you like, join me in another cup of tea grab a comfy seat and lets sit back and watch this phase of my blogs evolution take place.

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