Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alayassa announced the other day that I should make her a skirt. So yesterday we went to Hancock Fabric to "just" look at patterns.
Fifty dollars later we walk out with a pattern, fabric and notions for her skirt, some adorable fabric destined for greatness as an apron and a project bag, some new sewing scissors that were on sale for dirt cheap, other random bits as well as a scheduled night to attend a "Get to Know Your Serger" class. This is for a serger I've owned for maybe 8 years and haven't been able to figure it out (hangs head in shame).
She selected several other patterns that she'd like as well and I told her that I'm determined she learn to sew, so I'm going to make her help me. I've tried to teach her off and on over the years but it's not something my little artist has been interested in. This probably won't change anything but I think it's a useful skill to at least have the basics on.

Today I'm starting off the day making turkey stock to use in making Butternut Squash Chowder. We had it for Thanksgiving at Lewis's moms and fell in love with it. It was soooo good. Then I'm making a raspberry cherry pie and packing up the lot to take to grandma's for dinner.
If I have time I'm going to make her a card too. She was in a car accident Thanksgiving Day and while she's "fine" by Dr. standards, she's bruised and sore and more than a little down at the moment.

So I'm off, wish me luck in all my endeavors and have a grand day.

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