Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fall Apron

I adore aprons. It doesn't matter whether they're old or new, half or bib, I love them. I'd like to say I have a huge collection of them but I don't. I have one purchased, a couple inherited and three or so that I've made myself. I thought it was time to add to the collection so I decided to make another.

I wish I could say that I whipped this up in the course of an evening, but I'd be lying. I am after all, the Queen of Procrastination. I managed to drag this lovely out for almost two months, don't ask me how.

I used this pattern pattern. I made view A minus the trim because I was trying to just use things I had in my stash. I plan on getting a little bit of lace and using it to put the pocket on though. They must have used some pretty awesome starch or tulle to boof those babies out back in the 50's mine looks a bit limp by comparison (and we won't even get into those itty bitty waists).
Photo courtesy of Google

Weather says I need to make a winter apron now.

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