Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random Bits

I think I may have angered the fiber fairies. They don't seem terribly happy with me at the moment. I went to start a project that called for a size 6 knitting needle... usually I'd have three or four pair laying about but no, this time I could only find one pair with a project already on it.
Not a big deal, I'll just move on to a different project. This one I wanted to find my Leisure Arts 99 crocheted blocks (I don't know the exact title and I haven't yet found it so I can't check) book for. Is it anywhere to be found? All my other crochet and knitting books are where they usually are...not that one.
*Sigh* Ok, plan C. I found another crochet block pattern to use then went to get the recommended hook, US size H. I have three each of G, I, J & K. Do I have a single H? Nope, not a one. Arrrrgggh!! Luckily I managed to get gauge with an I so I'm ok there but still... Just crazy.
In happier news I took a "Getting to Know Your Serger" class tonight. Best $15 I've ever spent. My serger is over 6 years old and I've never really used it because I couldn't get it to work. After enough failed attempts it got set aside and after three moves, forgotten. Until now, I've got my new sewing machine, my dressmakers form and a desire to do more fashion sewing (as well as a daughter requesting items. ) I figured one last try.
After tonight I'm looking around for projects to make! It turns out that the manual instructs you to thread the machine wrong. ?!?!? Wrong you say? Yes, wrong. My instructor tonight chalked it up as being written by engineers that don't really know anything about serging. At this point I could care less, I'm just thrilled to be the proud owner of a functional serger at last! Now to figure out where to put it.
I have a little project I will have finished up and ready to show you tomorrow. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. Until then take care!

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