Friday, December 31, 2010

Inspiration in Purples and Greens

A while back I visited the quilt shop in my favorite historic village and found inspiration. This shop sells the ready made quilts as opposed to the fabric to make them.

I've long had a love affair with purple and green and finding this just reiterated that love.

After gushing profusely to my boyfriend he gave me his "permission" to redecorate our bedroom with these colors.

Aren't these pillows beautiful? So now all I need is to find the "perfect" pattern for the quilt since I think I've found the perfect fabric in Moda's Lilac Hill and Dragonfly Summer which I'll probably round out with some other purple and green fabric.

Perhaps accomplishing my purple and green quilt would make a good goal for 2011.

In other news I have a job interview on Monday at my *gasp* local quilt store. This time the one where you get the supplies to make your quilt. Fabric heaven! I'm not even daring to hope, but if my fingers get any more crossed they may stick that way!

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