Friday, December 3, 2010

My Bobble-less Tea Cozy

Oh dear, my Ravelry project list says that I started this little beauty back in May! QoP (Queen of Procrastination) didn't get around to weaving in the ends and sewing on the buttons until Nov 29th.

This is my first tea cozy and I'm not sure how in the world I ever managed without one. As we speak I am enjoying a hot cuppa from the pot I made almost an hour ago! No more cold tea for me!

This was so simple to work up and I loved how quickly it came together (except for the end weaving/button part) and lets face it, you can't beat a free pattern, many thanks and gratitudes to Amy at Lollipop Knits!
Check out these adorable buttons by Favorite Findings, aren't they just perfect?

What I really love is how perfectly it fits my elephant tea pot that Dear Heart Boyfriend bought for me.

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