Monday, December 6, 2010

Project Satchel

The other night I made my first ever, off the top of my head, project satchel. I know they're usually project bags, but this is most certainly a satchel as far as I am concerned. I made it I get to decide right?

I have plans to make one as a gift now that the initial flubs are worked out. Overall I'm pretty pleased as punch with how this turned out and I think it will work up pretty quickly too. I heart quick and easy projects don't you?
Side A

Being the first of it's kind I certainly made some blunders. I'm going to list my good's and need to remember to's so I don't forget to learn from this.
Side B

It actually turned into a, satchel!!
All my corners matched up on the patchwork.
The lining fit perfectly the first try.
All the fabric but three 5" blocks and the muslin lining are from my stash

Need to remember to...
Layer in some batting and do some quilting on the patchwork
Measure better for the straps
Interface the straps
Plan better for the inside pocket.
Make two inside pockets
Start and put it away at a decent hour...I stayed up working on this until 2am.
Lining with the pocket facing in with the body inside out (right sides facing) slipped inside, leave a space to turn and sew around perimeter to connect the two.

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