Sunday, December 5, 2010

Look What the Boyfriend Bought Me!

Isn't he a wonderful boyfriend?! I'm so lucky to have a guy that not only puts up with my space taking, clutter causing hobbies but actually contributes to them as well.

But seriously, With a title like that how could I resist?!? It was screaming at me from the book shelf.

I adore anything with a retro feel and these jackets have it in spades! My Darling Daughter saw them and said "That's so Lucy!" (as in I Love Lucy)

And these skirts... *le sigh* Totally love that she's used quilting cotton, they just scream spring-y/summer to me.
The book comes with full sized patterns in the back but right up front Kay Whitt gives a very detailed intro to custom fitting, sewing accessories and notions as well as providing valuable techniques and tips for personal touches to "make it your own". I also love her diagrams for construction. The whole book is just put together in an excellent way.

Kay Whitt has a blog as well, it's titled...Sew Serendipity of course. I'm very excited to peruse it at my leisure. I'm almost a little star struck. Forget the seven steps to Kevin Bacon, I'm one blog from Kay Whitt! :D

**photo's from google images

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