Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Morning

I must admit I'm not usually outside in the mornings.  I more often than not hole up in my bedroom in front of my computer to do my homework.  Today I had to get up early to take my sixteen year old kitty to the vet.  She has glaucoma and her eye ruptured so we're having it removed.  She's old but still very spry and full of energy so I'm hoping, sure she will be fine. 
The foxglove is blooming.

When I got home the sun was shinning and it was so nice out.  Even the snails were sunbathing in the garden, so I let the girls, Lucy and Ethel out in hopes that they'd give my garden a de-bugging.  Funny bitties, aside from eating most of my strawberries they've spent almost no time in the garden.  In fact I've had to go get them out of the neighbors yard (up to three neighbors down) twice.  
 Uh, girls, the garden is on the other side of the driveway.  

It's been so nice to be out and about the yard in the morning though, If I didn't suffer from a lack of motivation and an abundance of procrastination I'd do my homework in the evenings and enjoy the early sunlight and soft breezes every morning, maybe with a nice cup of tea.
Comfry, hard to believe I planted these as two 4 inch plants last year. 

Ever since I was a child I've loved to work in the garden.  I remember reading The Secret Garden and perfectly relating to Mary.  It's carried through to my adulthood and although I don't do as much as I'd like due to time and money constraints I do enjoy my little garden of herbs and flowers.  
Chives in bloom

So this morning I pulled up most of the weeds and planted the dill and mint that I purchased last night.  I got some lovely purple petunias too but haven't decided where to put them yet.  I like having them close where I can bury my nose in their beautiful fragrance.  So perhaps they'll go out on the back patio. 
My new little dill plant, he looks so small surrounded by already established plants. 

With the girls in the front yard I figured I'd be safe weed treating the back.  Other than mowing we didn't do a thing with the back last year.  We're paying for it now with an overload of foxtail grass, dandelions and several other nasty weeds.  If it was just one or two I'd happily dig them out by hand but it's so much more than that, there's just no way.  So it's off limits for a couple of hours.  
 Strawberries, these are all runners from a single plant. 
After that I poured myself a cold glass of juice and sat back to watch the animals.  I think they enjoyed being out in the morning too. 
Toulouse hiding in the grass

Berlioz spies him.

 While the girls could care less and go about their grooming.  Typical girls.

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  1. If only I could eat those chives! ahhh, yummy.