Saturday, June 25, 2011

Florentine Fancy a Work Commissioned Quilt

What is your first thought when you see this quilt?
 PDF Pattern found here

Mine was to the effect of  "oh no, what have I gotten myself into!?!"

My boss took me over to the shelf containing the Florentine Fancy fabric line and asked if I liked it.  I responded with a non-committal "It's cute." which it is on the bolt, while mentally adding that I wouldn't make anything from it for myself.  Next thing I know he's telling me that he wants me to make it as a sample for the store.  The store covers the cost of the fabric for the top while I do the batting and backing and have it quilted (not a hardship considering that I work at a quilt store full of fabric and long arms).  The store displays it for a couple of months then it's mine to keep. 
I'm a little worried because it's a free pattern which means it could have some glitches.  It finishes up at 60x60 so not a bad size and I've got a month to get it done.  It's just really far out in left field for my tastes. 
I'm going to try to keep an open mind about this even though it's so very, very outside of my color comfort zone.  Who knows, I may end up loving it.  If not, I have a friend that's already spoken for it. 


  1. It's out there... In person and completed it might be very colorful and interesting. I'm sure you'll go a great job!