Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a Beautiful Morning

I usually don't go outside until evenings, mornings aren't my thing and during the day it's just too hot! This morning though was a different story.
I think it was the lack of all the hubbub of the construction that drew me out. We've got a church being built close and for the past few days they've been ripping the old willow trees out of our neighbors yard and they're finally done! No more chainsaws and cranes and heavy machinery, yay!
With the sun not on at full blast and a cool breeze blowing I thought it would be perfect to have morning tea on the patio. So I brewed up a cup of my favorite PG tips in my ever so cute kitty mug that we picked up on vacation in California (of all the things to get on vacation huh?) and headed out to surf the web from the comfort of my patio chair.
I decided that while I was out I'd let our two Holland chickens Lucy and Ethel out to wander the yard. I put their water bowl over in some tall shady grass and then went to get them breakfast. They followed me up onto the patio the beggars. :)
Now all the chickens that I've encountered have gotten their mash as well as the green table scrapings, you know, the ends of carrots, corn cobs etc. So I put in the trimmings from dinner last night. The twits just pulled them out and tossed them aside and gobbled up their mash. Silly bittys.
Now I'm hoping they don't decide to lay their eggs somewhere in the yard where the dogs can get to them. Or worse yet, fly the coop so to speak. Their wings aren't trimmed so they can get over the fence pretty easily.
I was able to spend about an hour out before the sun started to intensify to the point where the breeze wasn't helping so I headed in. It was so nice though, maybe this is what makes it worth it to the morning people. I may try it a few more mornings and see.


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