Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a Birds World

Because I think fluffy chicken butt's are cute.

Every year it gets a little bit harder to see the seasons start the transition into autumn, I'm just not a cool weather kinda girl.
It's a beautiful day and it's time to start appreciating them rather than taking them for granted. In just a small amount of time days like this will be naught but memories.
I find myself picking up my spinning and knitting after their summer vacation. I took my spinning with me to a military event over the weekend and was noticed by a lot of people. On gentleman wants to bring me his standard poodles coat when he shaves it down next to see what I can do with it. Too funny.
I'm convinced that I'll only get a handful of tomatoes off my vines, I've lots of green tomatoes but only today did I harvest my first ripe tomato.
We got a couple of good size cucumbers off our one vine which were delicious. I really wish the other vine had survived. Oh well, next year.

Lucy and Ethel have been enjoying themselves, there new favorite place to lounge is on the patio.
Just lounging around

For some reason I haven't gotten a lot of eggs. Honestly, I think the dogs are getting them which makes me pretty unhappy. We'll be keeping a better eye out.
Lucy keeping an eye out

My excitment of the day has been trimming the nails and beak of Jasper our Orange Winged Amazon aka Mr. Grumpy Pants and giving him a shower. He is less than pleased with me to say the least. Here he is looking wet and bedraggled.
If looks could kill I'd be dead a long time ago.

I'm living in a birds world today.

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