Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Florentine Fancy - Update

Slowly but surely I've been working on my Florentine Fancy Quilt.  It took a back burner while we were getting ready for/on vacation so it's not as far along as I would like, and with the beautiful weather we've had I've not really wanted to hang out in my sewing room.  I know, crazy.

One of my problems is I also keep getting side tracked.  I don't know about you, but I get going and am whizzing along then something (usually someone) comes in and interrupts me and then I can't get back in the groove.
Can you spot the mistake?

Another thing that's slowing me is all the marking, and the fact that I can't waste fabric, so when I sew a corner triangle using a square, of which there are a great many in this pattern, (not sure the name of it, but the same technique as half square triangles)I have to sew a second seam to get the half square triangle. All of that is eating up my time, but they're looking pretty good

So today I finished the main body, matching up all the corners and angles has been a bugger but I'm rather surprised at how nice it's turned out.   It's still not my style but it's not the eyesore I thought it would be.  Now I just need to get the borders done then it's on to quilting and binding.

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