Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Leaves

I always seem to hold off posting until I have what I think is something comparable to what others achieve.  You may have noticed that my posts are few and far between which is about as interesting as watching paint dry if you ask around.

As much as I would like to accomplish more I have to realize that I work and go to school as well as being in the military reserves and being a mom, that makes a pretty full plate. Most of all I need to stop comparing myself to others. 
I really enjoy writing, and when I started this blog it was going to be about my life and the serendipity that made it unique to me, basically an online journal.  As I started reading more and more blogs I decided that I wanted it to become a crafty/quilty blog, but now I'm thinking that I'm going to go back to my roots so to speak.  I'm not giving up my crafting or quilting by any means, I'm just rounding things out more. Consider yourself warned.
Now on with life.
 Happy Feet!

I just got back from a lovely vacation to California and experienced the happiest moment of my life.  We were on the beach, at sunset, when my wonderful boyfriend got down on his knees and asked me to become his wife.  After opening and shutting my mouth like a beached fish without managing to get a word out I nodded a heartfelt yes.  So, I'M  ENGAGED!!!!
 Pretty Pretty!!!

Honestly I can hardly believe it, and keep checking my finger for the ring.  It hasn't disappeared yet so I guess I'm not dreaming. 
We're looking at next summer for the wedding, there isn't enough summer left to plan and save and I refuse to get married when it's cold. 
So that's the latest and greatest goings on here.  Expect more from me


  1. Congratulations! Gorgeous ring! Many happy thoughts sent your way, but I am a little disappointed that you won't be moving in with me :(

  2. Congrats! Such a beautiful ring! You will be speinding many years staring at that sparkling ring :)

  3. Wow, that sounds like the perfect romantic proposal. CONGRATULATIONS!