Saturday, July 23, 2011


I mentioned that we recently went to Venice Beach, California for a family vacation, my fiance, daughter and me.  This was the second time going and we just love it.  We stay with a friend so don't have to worry about money for a hotel and the location couldn't be better, being just a block away from Venice Beach.
One of the things I love about that area is that everything is so consolidated, almost everything is within walking distance.  
While the ocean was much too cold for swimming we had lots of fun playing in the surf.
And we found all sorts of interesting things.

Of course we did a lot of window shopping and I found inspiration in this adorable top. I'm now on the lookout for a cute, cotton, border print so I can hopefully duplicate it.

 Of course we saw some oddities as well. This guy looked so hot! (No pun intended)
The beach was beautiful and the weather was perfect the whole time we were there, amazing blue skies.
The whole thing was so relaxing, there was lots of time for this,
. . .and this. :-D

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