Friday, November 4, 2011


Given the length of time it takes me to complete one project, I need another like I need another pet, but when I happened upon a bead store I had not known about up until now I just couldn't resist stopping in.  Big mistake, but I'm so glad I did.
They have monthly projects that if you buy the supplies from them, they'll do one on one instructions with you for free.  Check out these adorable bracelets that they had for the month of October. 
 The pattern is called Shut the Shutters  and they're made with Tila beads, flat beads with two holes and tiny size 15 seed beads.  The clasp is a beaded loop and a fancy button.
 I fell in love with this green one but decided to go with a more sedate look for my first attempt.
 We got in just in time too, Saturday night after I got off work I called to see what time they closed, I had two hours, so Alayssa and I dashed over for a girls night out.

They work up fairly quickly.  Here are our efforts so far, Alayssa's is the natural one.  Sorry about the poor picture quality, night pics are never pretty but if I wait until daylight to post it won't happen. 
I'm hooked and I'm excited for Novembers project as well as some of the classes they offer.  Want to see what November's project will be?
Pretty pretty!!!!  I love necklaces...even if I hardly ever wear them.  I love these gorgeous fall colors, these necklaces are made with seed beads and crystals.
 Another favorite color combination, it makes me think of grape vines (and wine!)

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