Sunday, November 6, 2011

Current Project

Ok, because Brandie in her genius is inspiring and to prove that I am not without a current sewing project I introduce you to Sunbonnet Sue.
Once again I am getting pictures with horrid lights.  That's one of my issues with this time of year (I have a few issues with it), by the time I get home and get sewing done it's dark. The colors aren't nearly this dark in real life.
 Here's my planned layout at the moment.  I will admit that I borrowed this whole idea from a lady at work who made a darling version.  Can I just offer up a halleluja and praise be for the Go! Cutter?  If I had to cut out each girl with scissors...I wouldn't. 
 I've used about 50/50 scraps and new fabrics.  They all have fusible, some with Heat n' Bond and some with Steam a Seam 2.  Personal experience tells me that the latter is far superior for this application and although it's significantly more expensive it is well worth it.
The plan is to embellish the bonnets with a mixture of ric-rac and decorative stitches then to do a machine blanket stitch around all the edges.   More to come on these little ladies.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad I could inspire, just not sure how I did it.
    You need to send it back because I'm so lost with out it.
    I am sewimg a bit, only because I have to, otherwise I'm too busy.
    My daughter is moving back in, Hurray! But it's a lot of work.
    I'm going to try to blog tomorrow. All those stars are being finish and then given away so I can show them.