Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tin Lizzy 18 Trunk Show

Janie Donaldson Mullen from Quilt Central TV came to visit our shop and brought some beautiful wall hangings with her to show.  They were so amazing, I thought I'd share them with you.  
 This rooster wall hanging combines a hand painted background with silk fabrics and thread painting.  I think he was my favorite.
This is what he looks like on the back. 
 Here she hand painted her own fabric again then did the quilting and applied Swarovski crystals.
 She also used up her odds and ends bobbins, so this is what the back looked like.  Amazing huh?

 Another hand painted fabric accented with crystals.
And the back.

 Here is a quilted still life. 

 I loved this one with all the cogs and gears.   I'm totally going to make something like this.

 Handpainted fabric to resemble morning glories.  She described the technique and I'm dying (hee hee hee)  to try it.

 This one used a combination of hand painted fabric and cutout techniques. It made me thing of Georgia O'keef.

Here's a beautiful Mariners Compass

 This was the only full size quilt she brought (you can fit more wall hangings in luggage)  It's actually going to Grandmother Floyd (the wife/mother of the creators of the Tin Lizzie machines.)  She used a variation on a Ricky Tims technique to make this one.  Oh La, isn't it a beauty!
 Here's the back.

 And some closeups of some sections. 
 Beautiful eh?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my little quilt show.  It was so amazing to get to see these in person and hold them.  I've got lots of ideas, now to see how far the ideas go!

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  1. Oh if you start dyeing, you must do a show and tell.