Monday, November 14, 2011

A Re-usable Shopping Bag

I'm so behind with everything.  I've managed to injure my arm at work.  Honestly I think I have tennis elbow from pulling and pushing bolts of fabric around all day.  I've no time nor $$ for the Dr. right now so I'm wrapping it and icing it.  I have to moderate my projects so I don't put any further strain on  my arm so projects aren't going nearly as quickly as I would like.
I came across a heavyweight woven cotton at work that isn't quite right for quilts.  I know it will be overlooked, so I thought a quick project to turn it into something useful would be rather fun.
 So I came up with this. A re-useable shopping bag from a half yard of fabric.  Simple to make with two side seams, two strap seams and the edge finishing.
 What makes it look a bit fancier is the fact that I used some wooly poly and a rolled hem on the serger to create the edge "folds" 
A bit of pressing and ta-da, it looks every bit as good, if not better as one you buy from the store.  I still need to work out something stiff to put in the bottom though, I have an abundance of cardboard but don't like how it breaks so easily.  Any ideas?


  1. Sorry to hear about your arm. Feel better.

    Nice looking shopping bag!

  2. I've used that plastic grid stuff from Joann's. The kind young kids see on. It keeps it's shape but it ugly. You may need to make a slip cover for it.
    Great bag and your right, better than the store bought ones. Love the idea of serging the sides !