Friday, August 5, 2011

Almost done

Sorry for the bad picture quality I took it while rushing to get ready for work.
My title has a double meaning, I'm finally almost finished with my Florentine Fancy, just two more boarders to go, and my daughter and I are almost done with summer vacation.  I'm back to school on the 16th and she's back later this month.  Ug, time has just flown by!  To be perfectly honest, I'd much rather not go back to school, it's been so nice not having a deadline looming over my head every week.  Oh well.

I've also started a new quilt, It's called a Carpenters Star.  I'm making it for an old supervisor.  We've not been in the same unit for years but we are still very close and she told me that she's retiring in September.  Sad as it is, she's the only supervisor in my 11 year career that has taken a personal interest in me and been a true mentor.  So this is the least I can do. 
Four more rows to go
 I'm really liking this pattern and may end up making one to keep.  We'll see how much I get done in the next while, I'm supposed to work 9 days straight between my regular job and AF Reserves.  Less than thrilled about that I can tell you.  And to top it off, my Jeep died yesterday and at this point I'm not sure if it can be fixed.  I guess the extra money from the work will either be helping to pay for repairs or a new car.  :(
As my dad always used to say, "Such is the life in the far, far West and the further the West, the sucher."  

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