Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing Catch Up on August

I'm pooped.  I know this is so not whine worthy  to those of you that regularly work eight hours a day Monday-Friday, but I signed up for a part time gig and my little tootsies aren't used to that.   The week before last was a nine day work week with 8-9 hour days, last week was a four day work week of the same hours of but I also started school full time.This week I have to work 5 days of "long" hours but still have my school.  *Sigh* 
The great news is that all this extra time hit right when the Jeep broke down so yay, it will help pay for that, and who doesn't like a little extra cash in the pockets?  I know I do.

So last week, I walk in the door after work to a horrendous crash in my sewing/craft room. Open the big 7 foot shelf that's been up for years and is where I keep books, fabric & craft supplies has fallen, pretty sure there's broken glass from the lamps and other stuff under the shelf, not an inch of floor space to be seen, just a massive mess.  I didn't cry, but between school and work I couldn't deal with it right then, so I turned around and pulled the door closed.  I haven't used my sewing room since...  Hopefully this week despite the same time sucking issues I can get that cleaned up and back into my sewing room.  I'm running out of time on my Carpenters Star and really don't want to use another machine since using multiple machines can give you a wobbly flimsy.  

I know, this has been a picturless and rather boring post, so to fix that here's a little something to brighten it up.  I'll be working on it more today and hopefully finishing it tomorrow.  (Thank goodness it's small)
 Of course I've already got some spots that need some reverse sewing but for the most part I think it's pretty good for a first timer.  And my friend who gets it will love it because she knows what goes into the making and finishing of a quilt...and she loves me.
Here's a closeup of some of the stippling or meandering that I'm doing.  I've got two more quilts to go on later so hopefully this will help me learn control and flow.  I tend to want to hover right over the needle so it isn't doing my back any favors, but it's just so much fun!!

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  1. Now I understand your silence. Take care and good lucky cleaning your room!