Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More From the County Fair

So, as mentioned in my last post, our County Fair was last week/weekend.  Although I went three out of the four nights, I only remembered to take my camera on one of those days.  Brilliant I know. 
Small livestock is in my top three places to visit.  I have a weakness for chickens and bunnies.  Some of the pictures turned out a bit blurry but I beg you humor me.
I can't recall the breed of this duck (did I even look?) but my daughter wants one so we can name him Einstein. 

My favorite breed of chicken, a Silkie.  This one in particular was my favorite, it looked like a big fluffy chick, and those dark eyes... soooo cute!

Look at this handsome fellow with his pale colored cheeks.  He's a Bantam which means he's about half the size of standard chickens.  I can't recall the specifics on his breed though,

Another Silkie... Careful, he can smell fear.  Just kidding, it would make a rather good muppet don't you think?

This beautiful Bantam hen would not keep still for pictures, hence the blur, she was just so curious and cute.   I love love this color though, isn't it lovely?

Another Bantam hen but not sure of the breed.  I love her cute  round tummy. 

This Bantam cock could fit in the palms of my hands he was so small, and he was so very white.

Another Bantam Cock, I wanted to get a full shot of him but he'd have nothing of it, he wanted to see what my camera was all about and came right up to investigate.  Another case of curiosity making the picture blur.

A Rex bunny I believe, I'm worse at bunny breeds than I am chickens. 

Did you know that bunnies could give you baleful stares?  The sign on this guys cage said "I'm grumpy and I bite!"  I believe it. 

Another Rex.  We got to pet one just like this and it was sooooo soft!

Bunny love, how cute are these little Netherland Dwarves?

A shy little floppy eared bunny.

And finally this little guy, soft, spotted and ears that didn't know which way to go.  :)


  1. The chickens take me back in time. My Grandmother always had silkies and banties. I loved the color of their eggs, if fact so much, I painted my kitchen to match.