Monday, January 31, 2011

Bits of this n' that

Since I'm STILL waiting on the darning foot for my machine (they couldn't find it and re-ordered it, should be here this Thursday) I'm working on small projects.

I think I mentioned at some point of my intention to take my bedroom from its present color of gold and green to a new pallet of greens and purples.    I had purchased some candy bars of Moda's Dragonfly Summer when my LQS got them in as a samples but I must admit I was at a bit of a loss on how to use them. 
Then I saw a pattern that I could simplify down and make as a doll quilt.  I felt it would give me an idea of how the fabrics would work together and let me see it as an actual quilt so I could decide whether or not it would work for what I envision for my room. 
It's not done mind you, This is just the center panel so it still needs borders, backing and binding (I may have to wait until March for the fabric line to actually come out to do all that.) but it's given me a good idea.  What do you think? 
Two candy bars and only three usable dragonflies.   That being said can you find my favorite blocks?
I love the deep green, purple and the lighter green, so will probably purchase yardage, the others while lovely will stay at the fabric store. 


Here is a mug rug I finished using a variation of Kim's block.  This one using a 9 patch and being much smaller in size.  I included a wee pocket for a package or two of tea.  I think this may end up in a gift box.  

Finally, a mug rug in process.  This was a practice block for foundation piecing and it truly tested my patience because it's was just so fiddly with half seams and what not.  It's a good thing I'm  not starting off with my mariner's compass blocks.  Don't look too hard or you'll find my flubs.  This one will also have a wee pocket. 
 This was made with a Bliss charm pack
So nothing grand, mostly just busy work while I wait for my darning foot.   I like little bits though, I've always been rather fond of instant gratification.


  1. Very cute! I'm kinda at a loss with those candy bar sizes too. They are so fun to collect though! I love the mug rugs. It's so cute that you are using orphan blocks. I should go through my 100 Designer block magazines and pick some mug rugs out. I love that you add pockets!

  2. I just finished using a CP of bliss and the mug rug is a great ideea to use the scraps. Lovely!

  3. love your mug rugs, they are both so pretty