Saturday, January 8, 2011

Scrappy Saturday! Last the best of all the game!

My latest project for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge may very well be my last for the month of blue. I'm actually using all those two inch wide strips that I had and so far loving the results!
I don't remember exactly what they were cut for but they're working out perfectly for some just shy of 5" 9 patch blocks. These are by far the easiest and quickest 9 patch blocks I've made thanks to Julie the Quilter Behind the Barn Door and her two strip 9 patch tutorial. These work up so fast that I had enough for a baby quilt done before I knew about it. I then realized that I had enough materials to keep I did.
Then I discovered this cute bug print from years and years ago also cut in two inch strips. Well there are blue bugs in there so it works doesn't it? I have more bug than blue at this point so you may be seeing it again. Jeesh, starting to wonder what I had for 2 inch strips...
Then I added some solid blocks. I'll admit I had to buy fabric for this, I was out of the off white broadcloth and it's not like I can't use it for a multitude of other projects. But look at what is coming from all this...
Sorry for the poor pic, I don't know why they don't put overhead lighting in living rooms but lets be luvs and put our imagination hats on and pretend it's professional.
This isn't the final layout or size by any means, and since I'm still making blocks I don't know a final size yet. It's good for a general idea though.

So I'm having visions of backing it with flannel. Is that odd? I want it super kozy and snuggle up in warm cause I'm entirely to darn cold as of late. I've not seen a lot of quilters out there using flannel as a backing. I'd love to hear pros/cons. My plan would be to do a bit of cross quilting through the solid setting blocks then a simple cross or 't' through the 9 patches.

Ok ok, enough rambling out loud, I must say though that I'm pretty proud of myself on this, I know that it's a simple 9 patch, but I've never worked up a top so quickly 3 days and it's 3/4 of the way done! If I wasn't working this weekend I'd say I could get it finished maybe another two or three days.


  1. It's great! Way to use up scraps!
    I backed 2 quilts for Christmas gifts with's a little stretchy but I pin basted like crazy and mostly did straight stitching and it worked out just fine. They are really cozy!

  2. I love the buggy fabric -- flannel backing does sound comfy. I just love seeing what accomplished quilters can make with scraps!!

  3. Great use of the strips. I use flannel for backing quilts because it is cozy. I make sure to prewash it first since it shrinks.

  4. Amazing..I am so surprised to see what everybody gets out of those scraps..

  5. I haven't dared to use flannel backing yet but I hope you try it. Your quilt will be so soft and special - the blues are wonderful.

  6. What a great way to use up the strips. I think the flannel backing will make it so cozy and soft.

  7. That's a great use of your strips. Using the flannel backing isn't at all weird, it's very cozy. Flannel stretches. Bear that in mind as you use it, especially if you are quilting it on a sewing machine or home mid-to-longarm.

  8. Thanks for the sidebar promotion! I hope you win the grayed colors.