Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fruit and Nut Cake Quilt

Yesterday was not a good day so with the philosophy that tomorrow is always better I am starting my day off with this!
You can't possibly have a bad day when you start it off with chocolate!
As part of a balanced breakfast of course.


My extra Fruitcake charm pack arrived so I've been working on this.
My original vision was inspired by Carol's lovely quilt but somewhere along the line I got a little off plan with some HST's and hourglass (not sure of the official name) blocks.
I blame my Orange Winged Amazon Parrot named Jasper with whom share my sewing room for scrambling my brain and setting me off course. He's always very very vocal unless he's covered at night and the boyfriend and daughter can't stand it so he and I shack up.
Here we see him hurling obscenities at kids as they walk home from school. He's been putting up quite the fuss for the last few days, more so than usual and is even getting on my nerves. I tried bribing him into silence with pistachios but that only worked for a short while before I got worried that he'd fill up on them and not eat his regular food. He ended up in the bathroom on a curtain rod over the tub. Ahhh, peace at last. And look!
I still need to do the borders (Hey guess who ran out of fabric again), but the hard part is done! It's not quite as per inspiration but I like it. Hopefully I won't get in trouble for admitting to the creation of a UFO but it won't be finished any time soon since I don't have batting or backing. Did batting get really expensive in the last few years or am I just smart enough now to look at only the quality stuff?!? Good thing it's a holiday quilt, I've got a whole year until I need it.


  1. Lol, what a coincidence I was eating chocolate for breakfast and trying to catch up on some blog reading. Glad I'm not the only chocoholic round here! Your quilt top looks great, those fabrics are yummy

  2. Chocolate is the breakfast of champions!!!

    Your fruit and nut cake quilt also looks delicious!!

    Quiltingly Yours