Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Sewing Machines and Presser Feet....and Hearts.

For my 16th birthday I received my first sewing machine. Up to that point I'd been using my mothers old Singer machine that was older than I was (and at last knowledge is still going strong I might add). It was a Bernette, made by Bernina but without the hefty price tag that the Bernina carried. It was a very basic model with only a handful of stitches but it did have a buttonhole foot.

Really I shouldn't be speaking of in in the past tense, I still have it, but about three years ago I decided to reward myself for all the 10 and 12 hour days I'd been working and upgrade to something a bit flashier. With the memory of my mothers old Singer machine still fresh in mind I decided that was the machine for me. I wanted something that could carry me through apparel sewing as well as quilting and still be up for a bit of fun....and work with my single income bank account too.
Enter the Singer Confidence...only to sit unused for 2+ years while I work more 10 and 12 hour days. So sad really but I'm rectifying the problem and it's been pulled out and is being put through it's paces now. So far it has done nothing but impress. I've yet to use all of it's 174 stitches (which includes a block style alphabet) but I'm enjoying trying.

One thing I realized was that it's missing a most important accessory as far as quilting goes. It had no darning foot so I can work on some FMQ. I went to the JoAnn's where I bought it and ordered one three weeks ago and was told it would be there in a week. I've yet to get a call on it and went in yesterday to inquire about it and it was nowhere to be found. :( A pity since I have these pretty things that I'd love to finish up.
You will recognize them from the Be Mine Blog Tour. These are a modification of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure Heart Struck Runner. Since my table is always covered in random things I decided that I'm going to turn these into a door hangers. One for my front door and the other as a gift...if the first one works out that is. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Lovely! Bet they'll turn out great!

  2. So pretty. I bet they'll look just great when you get that darn darning foot!