Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nut Jobs, Fruitcakes and Lessons Learned

I started a new quilt top last night using my Moda Fruitcake charm squares (of which I had purchased two). I saw my inspiration on Carol's Crafty Creations and she got the idea from Bluebirdswing. I am absolutely in love with how simple and pretty it looks with the big four patches and that adorable pieced border Carol put on it was just sweetness. My plan...to add some extra rows to make a holiday lap quilt for moi.
So away to my sewing room I flew like a flash even though I'm not sure what to use for the sash! Um, yeah, ok, got a little carried away but the residual holiday-ness of the fruitcake, done now.

I sewed two patches together (aren't the snowmen the cutest?) then sewed my two patches together for my four patches. With just straight sewing and one big press job I happily zoned out and it wasn't until I went out to the living room to use my "design floor" that I realized that I'd used more of the squares than I thought for other projects and don't have enough for my layout size of four across and five down.


So I have to get online and and hunt down a new charm pack which of course with shipping and handling is twice what I paid for my original packs...*sigh*.

I feel like a bit of a nut job, if I'm going to have any success at this quilting stuff I better learn how to calculate my fabric requirements no? Lesson learned...buy more fabric Plan better for fabric requirements


  1. I think I like the first option better - buy more fabric :)

  2. That's my default option! Buy what you need, then double that!